Drawing Room Designs

From concept to reality, helping you tell your story.

Working with Us

Initial Consult

It’s important that we understand your vision for the space in order to get a clear idea of your needs, style, and priorities.  Our services are flexible for your needs; we can simply meet with you to decide on a color scheme and select paint colors, or we can do the heavy lifting and complete an installation for your remodel or new construction. Our goal is to produce a cohesive look throughout your space that allows you to live, work and entertain with comfort and style.


  • Meet and walk through the space with you
  • Collaborate and create a list of your desires, ideas, & priorities
  • Determine the project’s scale 
  • Discuss budget and timeline
  • Create a design plan and mood boards
  • Select material finishes (floors, countertops, tile, cabinets, paint, etc)
  • Select the remaining elements: 
    • Furniture
    • Light fixtures
    • Window treatments & rugs
    • Accessories & soft goods
  • Install elements and style the space